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High-performance athletes need high-performance drinking systems!


The Vaikobi 1.5L drinking bag  is designed for the Vaikobi V3 and VXP life jackets. The well thought-out design makes filling, cleaning and supplying liquid easier than ever.


Main product features:


  • High flow mouthpiece allows maximum flow when needed
  • 90 cm long insulated hose for easy installation
  • High quality super strong TPU bladder with built-in structure to keep shape and minimize wobbling
  • Large 10 cm opening for refilling without taking the pouch out of the PFD bag
  • Velcro loop enables the bag to be attached in the back pocket
  • 4-part cleaning set; Drying frame, long flexible brush, small and long brushes

The Vaikobi drinking bag can be easily inserted into the back pocket of the Vaikobi V3 or VXP race vests. The insulated tube can be fed through the tabs on the vest for easy access to the mouthpiece.

Vaikobi hydration bladder

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