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You just want to have a look, without obligation, if the surfski appeals to you.

The aim of our taster courses is to get participants interested in the sport of surf skiing. We tell you briefly where the surfski comes from and how it works. Afterwards we adjust the foot control and then we go already on the water to try it out.


Price: 50.- | Duration: 1 hour | Prerequisites: good swimming skills


Book now by phone:
+41 77 505 45 27



Would you like to surf the   with your surf ski independently and regularly?See and rent surf skis via self-service at all of our locations.


We will teach you step by step how to paddle surf skis, the safety rules and how to use the equipment at our surf ski points, so that you can then use our offers independently and safely. The course is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. 

Price: 190.- |duration: 3 hours |requirements: good swimming skills


Book online now:

tuna Sat/Sun, 10:30 a.mUnterseen Sat/Sun, 10:30 am good Sat/Sun, 10:30 am

"Wing Paddle Technique"

You want to paddle the surf ski in a sporty and faster way and learn the paddling technique (wing) needed for this.

You will learn the advantages of the wing paddle, you will be able to adjust your paddle correctly and learn the correct grip on the paddle. In the other part of the course we will emphasize the correct posture and anatomy. The physical relationships will also be shown to you. After this course you will be familiar with the different phases of the paddle stroke and you will know how to use what you have learned to optimize your technique. Our recommendation: If you want a personal video analysis, you can book this option for CHF 65.


Price: 130.- | Duration: 2 hours | Prerequisites: good swimming skills

Book now :

Thun Sat, 10 a.m. Unterseen  Sa, 2:30 p.m.


Special dates and personal coaching are possible for all courses on request!


Can I take part in the courses as a beginner? Our courses are well suited for beginners. You should be able to swim and have a good mood. We'll see about the rest.

Do the courses also take place in bad weather? Surfski paddling is fun in any weather. When it rains or snows, the paddling experience is often even more beautiful. The unique atmosphere on the lake will be an unforgettable experience. Get involved, you will be amazed. Note: Only in the event of a storm or thunderstorm may we have to cancel courses or tours for safety reasons.

Was ziehe ich an, wenn es kalt ist? Du kriegst von uns einen Dryrobe und einen Premium-Trockenanzug mit Füsslingen, der dich trocken und warm hält. Du kannst also darunter deine gewohnten, warmen Kleider anziehen, die du vom Lauf- oder Skisport verwendest. Am Paddel sind Paddelpfötchen befestigt, die auch deine Hände warm halten.

What do I have to bring? Winter spring: Thermal underwear (merino wool or similar), warm sweater, thin rain jacket (windstopper), warm hat and warm socks, sunglasses and sun protection, warm gloves for before and after paddling. Change of clothes. Summer: Bathing suit, sun protection, T-shirt (synthetic), glasses, sunscreen, headgear (baseball cap).

Wie gross ist die Verletzungsgefahr? Beim Surfski-Paddeln ist die Verletzungsgefahr sehr gering. Durch die dynamische und gleichmässige Bewegung ist dieser Sport sehr effizient und für den ganzen Körper sehr gesund.

Brauche ich ein spezielles Paddel? Ja. Um das volle Potenzial eines Surfskis zu nutzen, braucht es ein leichtes Wing-Paddel aus Karbon. Mit der korrekten Technik, entsteht eine sehr dynamische und gesunde Bewegung. Wing-Paddel steelleen wir währrend den Kursen zur Verfügung.

Trainiert man beim Surfski-Paddeln den ganzen Körper? Wenn man die Paddel-Technik beherrscht, braucht es den Rumpf und die Beine. Surfski-Paddeln ist kein Arrmsport!

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