Surfski Kurse

In unseren Kursen lernst du Surfski-Paddeln - mit allem drum und dran. Spass garantiert! Hinweis: Nach dem absolvierten Basis-Kurs kannst du rund um den Thunersee selbständig Surfskis mieten.




You just want to have a look, without obligation, whether you like the surf ski.

The aim of our trial courses is to get the participants enthusiastic about surf skiing. We'll tell you briefly where the surf ski comes from and how it works. We adjust the foot control for you and then you go out on the water to try it out.


Price: 50.- | Duration: 1 hour | Requirements: good swimming skills


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Tuna  Sat, 2:00 p.m.  Gunten  Mon-Thu, 10 a.m.  Unterseen  Sat, 2 p.m.


You want to be independent and regularly with your surf ski on the  lake  and rent surf skis via self-service at all of our locations.  


We will teach you step by step how to paddle surf ski, the safety rules and how to use the equipment at our surf ski points so that you can then use our offers independently and safely. The course is divided into a theoretical and a practical part.  

Price: 190.- | Duration: 3 hours | Requirements: good swimming skills


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Tuna  Sat, 10:30 Unterseen Sat, 10:30 Gunten Fri, 10:30

"Paddling technique"


You want the surf ski sportier and faster  paddle  and learn the paddling technique (wing) required for this.


You will get to know the advantages of the wing paddle, you will be able to adjust your paddle correctly and you will learn the correct grip on the paddle. Furthermore, we attach great importance to correct posture and anatomy. The physical relationships are also shown to you. After this course you will be familiar with the various phases of the paddle stroke and you will know how to implement what you have learned in order to always optimize your technique.  Our recommendation : If you want a personal video analysis, you can book this option for CHF 65.  

Price: 130.- | Duration: 2 hours | Requirements: good swimming skills

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Tuna Sat, 10 a.m. Unterseen  Sa, 2:30 p.m.


Special dates and personal coaching are possible for all courses on request!



Weisst du was eine Paddelstütze ist? Kannst du locker aus dem tiefen Wasser wieder in einen Surfski einsteigen?

In unseren Sicherheitskursen lernst du die Paddelstütze. Diese gibt dir mehr Stabilität im Boot und du kenterst nicht mehr, oder zumindest weniger oft. Der Wiedereinstig in den Surfski aus dem tiefen Wasser müssen alle Surfski-Paddlerinnen und Paddler beherrschen. Wir zeigen dir, wie es funktioniert. Wenn du locker wieder einsteigen kannst, gibt dir dies in Kombination mit der Paddelstütze sehr viel Sicherheit auf dem Wasser und ein gutes Gefühl. 


Preis: 75.- | Dauer: 1 Stunde | Voraussetzungen: gute Schwimmkenntnisse


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