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Surf Ski Rental

Book online - self-service.
Use our unique surf ski rental service at our surf ski points on the beautiful Lake Thun in the Bernese Oberland! 


Because most people can't store a five to six meter long piece of sports equipment at home, we offer our unique rental service at our surf ski points on Lake Thun. The boats are booked online and then picked up at the appropriate location at the desired time by self-service.


  • no loss of time

  • no tying up of the surfski on the car roof

  • no transport to the lakeside and looking for a parking place

  • no need to find a place to store it at home

  • no queuing at the rental desk

Note: This service is only available to customers who have previously registered with us  basic course  have graduated. Our offers only work if all users comply with Surfskipoint's specifications.

Rental offers



Individual rentals are only worthwhile for very few customers. If you use a surf ski more than nine times per season, you should book an ABO.  



With the ABO Basic, customers have access to our surf skis made of polyethylene (PE). This boat category is suitable for getting started with surf skiing.  



If you want to rent a sportier and lighter surf ski for training, book our new PREMIUM subscription. These surfskis are the club models from Nordic Kayaks made of fiberglass..



If you prefer paddling indoors in the warmth in winter, you can use our ergometers in Thun and Leissigen. In the winter season, the ergometer is included in the ABO.  ​

Please inquire by phone or email. 



Note: In order to rent a surf ski at a surf ski point for regular training, you need one in advance  Basic course !

1. Select location and offer


Click on the pink " book now " button and select the location. All available offers will then be displayed. Now select the offer you want.  

2. Reserve date and surf ski  


Select the date and number of surf skis. At the end of the booking process you can pay safely and easily with your credit card.  

3. Select the desired surf ski on site

Find a suitable surf ski at the relevant Surfskipoint location and the appropriate equipment in the material box. The equipment box and surf skis are secured with a combination lock (identical code).

4. Open the surf ski lock and start paddling  


Unlock the surf skis and start paddling. After paddling, please lock the surf skis and the equipment box again. The rental times must be adhered to.

Note: Before you set off, check that the surf ski is not damaged. If there is any damage, please report it directly via phone, SMS or WhatsApp on the number:  077 505 45 27  



Can I take part in the courses as a beginner? Our courses are well suited for beginners. You should be able to swim and have a good mood. We'll see about the rest.

Finden die Kurse auch bei schlechtem Wetter statt? Surfski-Paddeln macht bei jedem Wetter Spass. Bei Regen oder Schneefall ist das Paddel-Erlebnis oft noch schöner. Sie einzigartige Stimmung auf dem See wird zum unvergesslichen Erlebnis. Lass dich darauf ein, du wirst begeistert sein. Hinweis: Lediglich bei Sturm oder Gewitter kann es vorkommen, dass wir Kurse oder Touren aus Sicherheitsgründen absagen müssen.

Was ziehe ich an, wenn es kalt ist? Du kriegst von uns einen Dryrobe und einen Premium-Trockenanzug mit Füsslingen, der dich trocken und warm hält. Du kannst also darunter deine gewohnten, warmen Kleider anziehen, die du vom Lauf- oder Skisport verwendest. Am Paddel sind Paddelpfötchen befestigt, die auch deine Hände warm halten.

Was muss ich mitbringen? Winter/Frühling: Thermounterwäsche (Merinowolle oder ähnlich), warmer Pullover, Dünne Regenjacke (Windstopper), warme Mütze und warme Socken, Sonnenbrille und Sonnenschutz, warme Handschuhe für vor- und nach dem Paddeln. Wechselkleidung. Sommer: Badesacchen, Sonnenschutz, T-Shirt (synthetisch), Brille, Sonnencreme, Kopfbedeckung (Baseball.Cap).

Wie gross ist die Verletzungsgefahr? Beim Surfski-Paddeln ist die Verletzungsgefahr sehr gering. Durch die dynamische und gleichmässige Bewegung ist dieser Sport sehr effizient und für den ganzen Körper sehr gesund.

Do I need a special paddle? Yes. To use the full potential of a surf ski, you need a lightweight carbon wing paddle. With the correct technique, a very dynamic and healthy movement is created. Steelleen wing paddles are available during the courses.

Trainiert man beim Surfski-Paddeln den ganzen Körper? Wenn man die Paddel-Technik beherrscht, braucht es den Rumpf und die Beine. Surfski-Paddeln ist kein Arrmsport!

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