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1. Conclusion of a contract

With the verbal or written registration or booking by the customer, which at Surfskipoint  (hereinafter referred to as the organizer) or one of their sales outlets, a binding contract is concluded between the customer and the organizer. By booking, the customer accepts these general terms and conditions as part of the contract between him and the organizer.

2. Subject matter of the contract

The organizer undertakes to provide the service requested by the customer in the context of the tenders and / or the order confirmation. Service extensions can be taken into account after consultation with the organizer. Any additional costs are borne by the customer.

3. Prices

The currently valid prices of the offered events can be found in the current announcements of the organizer. The prices in the prospectus are per person in Swiss francs including statutory VAT. We expressly reserve the right to change prices.

4. Payment terms

The booked events must be paid for as follows before the start of the activity:

* Down payment of 50% of the total price of the booked event, but at least CHF 300.
* Final payment no later than the day of the event.
* For bookings that are received by the organizer more than 30 days before the activity or for individuals, the entire invoice amount must be paid at the time the contract is concluded.
Payments not made on time entitle the organizer to refuse to provide the service or to withdraw from the contract. The resulting cancellation costs will be invoiced to the customer in accordance with section 5 below. The basis is the number of participants reported at the time of the withdrawal from the contract or the refusal to perform.


5. Cancellation or amendment of the contract by the customer

Cancellations of contracts must be made in writing. These are only valid after consultation with the organizer and their consent. All documents already received (confirmations, tickets, tickets, vouchers, etc.) must be enclosed.
In the event of a complete cancellation, the customer will be charged the following proportions of the total costs of the booked event:

For groups of up to 30 people:

* 20 - 10 days before the activity: 30% -
* 9 - 2 days before the activity: 75%
* 1 day before the activity or no-show: 100%


For individuals:

* from 2 days before the activity: 100%

In the case of third-party services, the cancellation conditions of the respective service provider apply. Any costs incurred in this regard can also be invoiced.

In the event of partial cancellation of group reservations (reduction in the number of participants), the contractual partner will be charged the following proportions of the total costs of the booked event per person:

* 9 - 3 days before the activity: 30%
* 2 days or less before the activity: 100%

If the customer arrives later or leaves the event prematurely, there is no entitlement to a refund. Additional costs, caused by late arrival, premature leaving or postponement of the event, are to be borne by the customer. If the event is postponed up to 30 days before the start of the activity, the organizer can charge a processing fee of 10% of the total costs of the booked event per person. Postponements made less than 30 days before the start of the activity will be invoiced according to the above cancellation conditions or according to the actual costs incurred.

6. Cancellation or changes to the contract by the organizer

There is a minimum number of participants for various events. The organizer reserves the right to withdraw from the contract at short notice. If the fulfillment of the contract is not possible at another point in time or if the customer cannot accept the replacement services offered to him, the payments already made will be reimbursed, minus the services already used. Further compensation claims are excluded. The event can also be canceled at short notice by the organizer if the participants' behavior, omissions or other actions give cause that the fulfillment of the contract is endangered or made impossible. In this case, the provisions of section 5 apply with regard to cancellation costs. If an event or parts of it cannot be held due to force majeure, safety concerns on the part of the organizer, official measures, strike or unsafe weather and natural conditions, the organizer is entitled to cancel the event at short notice or cancel. Payments made will be reimbursed after deducting the services already used, expenses and the processing fee. It should be noted that risk-free processing is in everyone's interest. Activity leader decisions are final. We expressly reserve the right to make changes to the event. The organizer endeavors to provide equivalent compensation.

7. Conditions of participation, participants' obligations to cooperate

Good health is required for all activities. The participants undertake to inform the organizer about any health problems. Participants may under no circumstances be under the influence of drugs, alcohol or psychotropic drugs and the like.
The participant undertakes to fulfill the conditions of participation and to strictly follow the instructions of the organizer, the guides and assistants. If the conditions of participation are not met or the instructions are not followed, the organizer can exclude the participant from the activity.
The participant permits the use of images and video material created by the organizer for advertising and promotional purposes.

8. Insurance

The participants are not insured by the organizer. Each participant is responsible for adequate health and accident insurance (including sports accidents).

9. Complaints

Should the customer have cause for complaints or suffer damage, these must be reported to the activity manager or service provider in writing and confirmed immediately. However, the activity manager or service provider is not entitled to recognize claims, which is why such a confirmation does not have the effect of an acknowledgment of guilt. The activity leader or service provider will endeavor to remedy the situation within the framework of the event and the possibilities. If there is no or inadequate remedy or if the customer wants to assert claims for damages, the claims must be submitted in writing to the booking office for the attention of the organizer within 4 weeks of the contractual end of the activity. The complaint must be accompanied by the confirmation of the activity manager or service provider and any evidence. If the complaint is delayed or not made during the activity or if the claim is submitted late to the booking office, all claims are forfeited.

10. Liability

Claims for damages against the organizer or their auxiliaries are excluded, unless the damage was caused by intent or gross negligence. The organizer is entitled to call in auxiliary persons / third parties to provide the service. If the organizer legitimately delegates the execution to a third party, the organizer is not liable for his act or omission. In particular, the organizer is not liable for damage resulting from actions and omissions of the activity leader, which are not related to the provision of contractually agreed services, due to actions of third parties, other participants, the participant (in particular item 1), force majeure, natural events, official Orders etc. or due to late return home.
If a participant does not follow the instructions of the organizer, activity leader, etc., any liability on the part of the organizer is void.

11. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Only Swiss law, excluding international agreements, is applicable to the contractual relationship. The parties agree that the exclusive place of jurisdiction is Interlaken. However, the organizer is entitled to assert its claims at the customer's place of residence or domicile at its own discretion.
Should one or more of the provisions of these terms and conditions be or become ineffective and / or incomplete, the ineffective and / or incomplete provision will be replaced by a legally valid provision that comes as close as possible to the ineffective and / or incomplete provision. The ineffectiveness and / or incompleteness of a provision does not affect the effectiveness of the other provisions.

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