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«Beyond Kayaking»

Canoeing has definitely arrived in the here and now with the Surfski. The most modern, versatile and exciting fitness kayak (sit-on-top) in the world! Once you've paddled in a Surfski, you never want anything else. The perfect combination of fitness, fun and adventure!

Developed by a fisherman in 1912 in Australia to easily and quickly reach the oyster beds in nearby Lake Innes - the surfski represents a whole new water sports experience on Swiss lakes. Add to that the spectacular panorama, and it's no surprise that the sport of surf skiing is catching on in Switzerland in no time. Surfski paddling is fun and can be done in any weather! Ideally suited as a fitness device up to old age. It is not for nothing that many racing canoeists switch to surfski after their career as regatta paddlers.

A surfski looks very elegant and sporty. It measures between 4.5 and 6.5 meters and weighs about 8 kilos in the lightest version (carbon)! The surfski is unsinkable and therefore very safe, because the hull is closed (no seat hatch, no spray deck). 
The propulsion is made, as in the racing kayak, by means of a wing paddle. The surfski is steered with the feet via two pedals and a rudder under the stern,. The surfski is fast (similar to racing kayak), and can be used almost in any weather and surfed in the wave.

Why surf ski

● Ahead of its time ● High fun factor ● Can be used in all weather conditions ● Low risk of injuries ● Lightweight (from 8 kilos) ● Fast (like racing kayaks) ● Very secure ● Unsinkable ● Uncomplicated ● Getting in and out from in deep water ● Great design ● Rump sport ● No spraydeck ● Water can be lent (Bailer} ● looks very chic ● surf' wonderful ● foot steering ● agile ● no pier needed to get in the water ● easy on the joints ● no age restrictions

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