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Get changed. Stay warm.

The ultimate "changing robe" from Dryrobe 



« for body and soul »


Surfski paddling is very versatile, independent of the weather, efficient and the risk of injury is almost zero. The training takes place in a fantastic environment, is fun and good for body and mind!  


Surfski paddling is not an arm sport! With a clean paddling technique, the torso and legs are trained in equal measure. In addition, the sense of balance is improved because you have to balance the boat. This means that the small muscles near the spine are automatically in motion when training on the water. Due to the rotation in the upper body, surfski paddling is also a very good back workout.



« Versatile & Inexpensive »

After completing the basic course, you can use our surf skis independently for your regular training. With our subscriptions and the uncomplicated self-service system at five different locations on Lake Thun, you can start surf ski training at any time. We recommend that you learn a solid paddling technique right from the start so that the entire movement sequence works together. To achieve this, we recommend the following procedure:

  • Visit one of our technology courses including video recordings and analysis

  • Private coaching on our paddle ergometers in winter (indoor)

  • Regular training on the water from spring to autumn

  • Regular training on the ergometer in winter (indoor)



" Like on the water "

For most paddlers, surfski training is heavily dependent on the weather conditions. Especially in winter! Thanks to 10 years of development, the Old Danube ergometers are a real alternative to paddling on the water. In addition, these provide other training benefits as they can be adjusted to provide more resistance than a racing kayak or surf ski. The feeling of paddling is very realistic.

An Old Danube ergometer is not only what it seems. First and foremost it is of course a training device, developed for professional paddlers from Hungary. Hungary is a top paddling nation and so the requirements for a paddle ergometer are very high. The OD designer's passion for kayaking is reflected in every detail. Each element is the result of over 10 years of continuous development. The ergometer can be personalized with your own settings, even the amount of air resistance can be adjusted so you can train harder than usual.

We would be happy to show you on site how the ergometer works. Just try it!

Just give us a call, we'd be happy to advise you! 077 505 45 27

Booking ergometer :


Old Danube Faq

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