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Due to their shape, wing paddles ensure a very effective power transmission. The entire energy of the pull on the paddle is converted into propulsion. These paddles are indispensable for competitions or time-oriented training.

The history of the Kajner paddle began in the early 1990s. In the beginning György Kajner only made paddles for himself and later for the club members. György Kajner was a top paddler who has paddled since 1979 and thus brings a lot of experience with him.

All paddles are made of carbon (prepreg) and are therefore very light and extremely stiff. The shafts are optionally available as fixed or divisible. We recommend divisible shafts for most people, as these allow the rotation (angle) to be infinitely varied and the length of the paddle to be adjusted in a range of 10 cm. Transport is also easier.

We especially like the new "Siklo" paddles. These have a stronger curvature and were created over a long period of development with many tests and measurements in the flow channel. The new shape generates considerably more pressure than the previous models with the same area. In direct comparison, the Kajner Siklo is, for example, 15% more effective than other paddles with the same area.

Kajner Wing Paddel "Siklo"

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