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«Lass dich von der Natur verzaubern, während du deinen Körper trainierst. Vergiss den Alltag und sei einfach nur du selbst, alleine auf dem Wasser. Entdecke jetzt die Faszination Surfski bei Surfskipoint»


We are a regional company on Lake Thun, which has dedicated itself exclusively to surf skiing for many years. With us everything revolves around the surf ski. We are the official contact for Nordic Kayaks in Switzerland and responsible for advice and sales.  


With our varied surf ski courses and the associated surf ski rental system at our five locations on Lake Thun, we make the wonderful surf ski sport easily and conveniently accessible for everyone. Our surf skis are all right on the lake!  

If you like to do sports in the great outdoors and are looking for an effective training for body and mind, you should definitely try the surf ski with our trial lessons!


The surf ski is one of the most versatile and fastest human-powered water sports devices ever!


We guide you in  the exciting world  of surf skiing  and show you how you can use the full potential of the surf ski.

For whom

From ambitious athletes to nature-loving pleasure paddlers, everyone is welcome at Surfskipoint!


With us you will only find surf skis from Nordic Kayaks from Sweden, paddles and carefully selected products for surf skiing!


Weather-independent, versatile outdoor training in the most beautiful surroundings with great fun and relaxation!


Paddling on the sea for a week, exciting workshops  enjoy, combined with holidays in the most beautiful places in Europe.


With our unique online rental system at five different locations, we make the surf ski port accessible to everyone. 

Nordic kayaks

Surfskis from Nordic Kayaks from Sweden are probably among the best that is currently available. Exclusively with us in Switzerland!